Donna Valdes is best known for her down-to-earth leadership style and transparency, is President of Elevacity, an up and coming direct selling wellness company. She is also the co-founder of Women of Network Marketing, a platform for mentoring and empowering direct selling women around the globe. She resides on the beaches of Tampa Bay with her husband of 17 years and her three children.

Although Donna is a Canadian by birth and upbringing, she has lived in the U.S.A. for almost 26 years. She spent the first 10 years working many long hours in the legal field. She learned, first hand, the struggles of maintaining a corporate job, choosing many times between family and work. While the pay was excellent and she felt accomplished at work, the compromise of family time for the employer was not fun. Donna’s entrepreneurial spirit was ready to blossom and she set out to find a way to make money from home without sacrificing family and lifestyle.

The Direct Selling industry caught her imagination and has been at the core of her career for the last 21 years. In the late 90′s Donna became an integral part of bringing direct sales online as a consultant for her company. She never stopped honing her skills in traditional “offline” marketing as well. Her work was cutting edge, a true game changer, well before the online explosion hit. For Donna, cutting edge social media and online skills coupled with “old school” and traditional offline marketing paid off very well and she was able to replace her corporate income and reach her goals of quality time with the family. Her internet skills gave her the ability to research and connect to a large international audience, resulting in the creation of a multimillion-dollar business. She was in her first company for 10 years, and her second company for 5 years. She earned top enroller awards, top performer awards and reward trips for every year she was in any company. She left her second company to lead an entire company as the Master Distributor (very few female-led companies out there) and broke records and her team launched and did over 2 million in sales in less than 30 days creating some of the largest checks every given out in history. She continued to hone her skills and craft in marketing and sales from a corporate end, becoming a Chief Marketing Officer of a well-known coffee company for a few years.

As a consultant, trainer, coach, and speaker she can help you and your business or organization achieve results! Specialties: branding and identity, leadership training, empowering others, team building.